Ms Johnson

Mrs. Johnson

I started my first year at Mountain View in 2021.

I believe in setting high expectations for each child. While encouraging each child to achieve their highest potential. I create a fun learning environment that encourages the students to grow to love learning. I have always had to work hard to do well in school, and I expect the same from my students. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes as they are gaining new experiences and exploring life around them. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with friends and family playing games, camping, hiking, swing dancing, and traveling.

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Miss Johnson as child

Mrs Moss

Mrs. Moss

I have been teaching Kindergarten at Mountain View since 2011.

I love setting achievable, but high expectations for each child. I try to give each child the confidence they need to reach those expectations. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes when they finally understand something, especially when it is something hard. We can all do hard things! I enjoy watching them grow throughout the year, and seeing them once they leave my class. In my free time, I like cooking, spending time with my family, reading, and shopping.

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Mrs. Moss as a child

Mrs. Tervort

Mrs. Tervort​

Even before starting my first day teaching at Mountain View in 2004, I believed every child to be capable of learning at high levels. This is why I encourage struggle and failure, so every child's eventual success really means something. I enjoy the learning. I enjoy the laughter. I enjoy the challenge. I enjoy watching them grow in knowledge and ability. Everyone should always be learning, including me. I am learning to play the piano, be a good listener, and to work in the yard even though I don't like it. Besides teaching, I enjoy reading, exercising, and building puzzles.

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Mrs. Tervort as a child